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  • published Social Enterprise Workshop in Events 2018-07-03 15:13:05 -0400

    Social Enterprise Ready to Build

    Information Session

    A series of workshops exploring the benefits of Social Enterprise and the current Social Procurement opportunities.

    Topics Covered:

    1. About TCBN: What are Community Benefits and why
      being a social enterprise is important
    2. Exploring contract opportunities with the City, Metrolinx, and Woodbine Casino
    3. What social problems does my business solve?
    4. Certification process for social enterprises
    5. Introducing the BID Team concept
    6. Complete company assessment

    Refreshments provided

    July 24, 2018 at 6pm
    TCBN Office: 2 Champagne Drive, Suite C9 (Souteast Entrance)

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    Monthly Check-In on Progress

    As a registered participant in the Community Benefits Program, please take a few minutes to answer this short survey on a monthly basis. This helps us to track the outcomes of the program over time and help us better support you in overcoming any major challenges you are experiencing as you navigate the process.

    If you are not already registered in our system, please register HERE.

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  • Job Posting: Community Benefits Organizer in Training


    Full time Contract TBD Based on Eligibility

    Application Deadline: Ongoing Until Filled


    Reporting to the Executive Director, the Community Benefits Organizer is primarily responsible for campaign administration and coordination, event planning and coordination, information and awareness on community benefits, resident engagement and monitoring and reporting. Among other responsibilities, he or she will be primarily responsible for working in coordination with the TCBN staff to assist TCBN member organizations and local groups in organizing awareness programs, training, campaigns and events such as workshops, forums, tours, story slams, on community benefits and present monthly progress reports. Download job posting here.

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    Ready to Build?

    Access jobs and opportunities created through Community Benefits Agreements

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  • Uniting unemployed youths with the trades

    Divaldo Miguel admits it was a struggle to make ends meet before he became a cement finisher. With only a high school education, the 29-year-old father of three cycled between periods of unemployment and stints at minimum wage jobs with no benefits. “I’m not gonna lie, it was tough,” he says. “I wanted to work, but there was nothing solid out there.” Read more...


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    Help Build the Movement

    Reasons to Get Involved

    • Get breaking news about community benefits in Toronto
    • Learn about jobs and opportunities in the construction industry for minorities and women
    • Get accurate and up to date information about the process to access jobs and opportunities created through community benefits
    • Help build a more inclusive economy and a more sustainable city!
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  • published Iron Workers 2016-09-23 12:20:28 -0400

    Opportunity for Iron Workers and General Labourers

    One of our Union partners, Ironworkers Local 721, has reserved a number of seats in its trade school intake for candidates coming through the #CommunityBenefits stream. 

    To qualify, you need to come in to TCBN Offices at 15 Gervais St. on Tuesday, November 1st 2016 at 11am to register. When you register, we will share Exam Prep material with you. You must also be available to take the entrance exam on November 4th at 8am at their Local offices near Kipling subway. Are you interested? Please fill out the form below.

    The Ironworker apprenticeship consists of a 6,000 hour contract of apprenticeship between the Local Apprenticeship Committee and the Apprentice and is duly registered with the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities. Please do not contact Local 721 directly for this opportunity as they have a separate intake process.

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  • published Resident Survey 2016-10-03 13:36:47 -0400

    Toronto Community Benefits Network Survey

    Thank you for having participated in our resident engagement process for the Eglinton Crosstown, an effort by the Toronto Community Benefits Network and its partners to coordinate the existing employment services system to support residents to access the construction and professional, technical and administrative jobs that stem from this Metrolinx transit project. 

    The TCBN is going through a strategic planning process and would like your feedback about your experience and your advice for as we continue our efforts to negotiate on your behalf.

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