Labour Market Partnership

TCBN has been developing the Construction apprenticeships jobs pipeline for the Crosstown Line for the past year.  Funding for the project has been provided by the Ministry of Training Colleges and Universities (MTCA), and administered by the United Way. Next steps are to work with the Social Research and Demonstration... Read more

Resident Engagement for Crosstown Apprentice Jobs

After initial planning the Resident Engagement strategy with TCBN’s general membership, TCBN has worked closely with the Social Research and Demonstration Corporation, Toronto Workforce Innovations Group and University of Toronto Researcher James Nugent to develop and test a model for connecting priority communities of interest to Apprenticeship training that will... Read more


TWIG (Toronto Workforce Innovations Group) has taken a look at the existing system relationships and employment supports for newcomers who have been trained internationally for Professional-Technical-Administrative  (PAT) jobs and who are facing serious challenges finding work.  This is being used as the base for TCBN and the Labour Market Partnership... Read more

Social Enterprise Community Benefits Plan

The TCBN Social Enterprise Working Group has developed a plan in consultation with Metrolinx and United Way’s Toronto Enterprise Fund (TEF) for building the relationship between the Crosstown Project and this important sector. TCBN’s focus on Social Enterprise is to enable the growth of a supportive business environment where members... Read more

Neighbourhoods and Environment Workgroup Encourages Community Responses to Metrolinx

Following the tour by Metrolinx, several responses have been fielded by in the Mount Dennis community to the Request for Interest in repurposing the former Kodak Employees Building. This project is to be part of the joint development of the combined Mount Dennis GO/UPX/LRT/Bus station and MSF (Maintenance and Storage... Read more

Planning Underway for Community Benefits at Finch West MSF (Maintenance and Storage Facility)

With the 2015 Spring budget announcement by the Minister of Transportation that the Finch West LRT is proceeding into construction in 2016, the Community Action Planning Group (CAPG) is now working with TCBN on planning for community benefits for the MSF to be built in the Jane Finch neighbourhood. The... Read more