2019 Minutes

Annual General Meeting Notes – June 20th, 2019

When: June 19th, 2018 at 4:30pm - 8:00pm

Where: Rexdale Community Hub 21 Panorama Court

2018 Annual Report Presentation

Presenter: Rosemarie Powell, Executive Direct of Toronto Community Benefits Network

- Special partnership with IEBW.

- Building wonderful partnerships with communities and industries.

Manager Highlights:

- 6 community partners who are woman focused organizations.

- Launch of new project expanding NexGen Builders; the project will support access for all underrepresented groups identified in TCBN’s mandate, over the next four years.

- Board of directors wants to have meetings same time as cordially meetings.

- Brought in someone to focus on social media.

- The first 10 people to tweet about the good things happening tonight will receive TCBN’S five-year anniversary t-shirts.

- YouTube Channel #Comunitybenefits

- TCBN will organize and educate at city hall to help the city understand that community members need to have a voice when it comes to new businesses and construction happening in the neighborhood and be able to determine if it makes sense for the community and ensure that community members can get jobs.

- Minorities are not represented and TCBN is working on that.

Business Meeting:

Industry Panel (Metrolinx, One Toronto Gaming, Mosaic Transit Group, Buy Social Canada)

Reinaldo James from One Toronto Gaming

  • Community Benefits agreements is something that is needed in communities, commends the TCBN for advocating for these reasons but not just stopping there but continuing to make sure that these agreements are implemented, and everyone can be held accountable because it’s a long process and it is appreciated.
  • Regarding the casino Woodbine expansion, they are proud to announce that part of their community benefits agreement has made them committed to a minimum of 20 percent of all new hires. Right now, they are over a little bit of 60 percent, so the target has been surpassed and they are very excited about that.
  • They are in the process of construction so there is nothing to report right now, but there will be shortly.

Jamie Robinson from Metrolinx

  • Sees Mount Dennis as ground zero for community benefits in Toronto.
  • Not just about building transit but affecting people’s lives, it’s about building opportunities and business for people in the community.
  • People won’t just benefit from the infrastructure but from jobs and employment.
  • Crosslinx now has hired over 150 people from marginalized groups for professional administrator and technical positions.
  • It’s not about the metrics is about the stories and the lives that they are changing. People are able to take care of their families in a way they never have before, that’s what’s most important not just the numbers.
  • Thanking everyone in the room for their leadership and for pushing them and getting them to be better. With these relationships they are able to change lives.

Paulette Den Elzen from Mosaic Transit Group

  • Has been working on the Finch West LRT project for about a year and since being on board they have been working very closely with Metrolinx and TCBN to develop a plan for community benefits.
  • They have a community specialist in place.
  • Mosaic now has an HR Manager and has been working closely with her to bring her up to speed on her obligations concerning community benefits – She is knowledgeable about community benefits agreements.
  • Already putting processes in place for when sub-contractors are hired, that they understand what their obligations are.
  • They have also made the effort to meet with contractors to help them understand the agreement and their obligations as well as trying to implement Mosaic’s own agreements into the contractor’s agreement.
  • Have been posting opportunities online on their website for professional administration, technical and co-op opportunities that are available.

Brent Brodie (Buy social Canada)

  • Congratulations to TCBN on 5 years.
  • Recently joined TCBN this year.
  • Buy Social Canada is an organization that tries to create opportunities, raise awareness and support for social procurement. They don’t use social procurement as a solution but as a great tool that can be used to unite and create healthy and sustainable human needs. In this context it is in them to work with social enterprises to assist on some of the infrastructure projects.
  • Social enterprises are wonderful organizations to work with, to represent and to be inspired by.
  • Most social entrepreneurs form their organizations as a result of witnessing injustice in society and they use their business practices to try and solve these problems through hiring and reinvesting profits.

Audience Questions


  • How many filled positions is in your organization?

One third or a fourth of the program workforce.

  • Is most of the employees from different countries; immigrants?

Skilled workers – A variety of people working for them, people from different walks of life and the organization is doing it’s best to be inclusive.

  • How do you identify the disadvantaged people in the community?

They work with community organizations that help them find them and screen them.


Do you have any agreement with any of the unions at this point?

  • The on the ground people will be hired through the subcontractors.
  • All the construction work will be subcontracted, subcontractors will have unionized agreement as well as Mosaic having agreements that is in the process of being created.

One Gaming

From a corporate perspective what makes it easy to plug into community benefits agreements?

  • Would recommend organizations be a part of community benefits agreements because One Gaming got the opportunity to connect with employment partners and agencies (That they might not have connected with otherwise) to plug into a wide range of opportunities that they did not see before.
  • It has done a lot of great things to facilitate their ability to hire large groups of individuals.

Executive Director updates


  • Spent less on the summit than we brought in.
  • Create a little bit of a cushion because of the funds received from project funders – so that if anything happens, TCBN can have a reserve fund to tap into.

Nominations of New Board Members

Speaker: Merissa Preston, Representative of Nominations Committee

  • Victor Beausoieli - Is a husband, father and social entrepreneur and is the founder of The Social Economy Through Social Inclusion.
  • Chris Campbell – Is a Red Seal Carpenter and a member of The Carpenters Local 27. He has been a construction site supervisor and an apprentice instructor. He is also currently one of the carpenters’ district council of Ontario’s business representatives in Toronto.
  • Emmay Mah – Joined Toronto Environmental Alliance as the Executive Director. For the last 15 years she has worked in the non-profit sector developing and managing programs focused on child rights and protection: Hiv/Aids, Indigenous help and environment. She has worked in the east, west and southern Africa as well as northern Ontario. She is also the co-founder of The Peoples’ Climate Movement in the GTA.
  • Adam Meinek – Is a certified heat and frost insulator and has 10 years’ experience working in the apprenticeship system for the heat and frost insulators as an instructor and the director of training. Combined with time served as a business agent and now the director of government relations for the insulators.


  • Emmay Mah – As a community representative – passed
  • Adam Meinek – As a labor representative mover – passed
  • Chris Campbell– As a labor representative mover – passed
  • Victor Beausoieli – As a social enterprise representative mover – passed