Background on Accomplishments

The Toronto Community Benefits Network believe that all Torontonians should have access to opportunities stemming from infrastructure investments.

To achieve this vision, we have built a strong community-labour partnership with a support base of workforce development agencies, learning institutions and funders. Collectively, we are having impact on how the development process works, guided by the principles of the foundation document crafted by our members and supporters.

Since the conception of TCBN movement in 2013, we have achieved much. The Metrolinx Board has embedded CBA provisions in all future projects. Metrolinx & TCBN have signed a Community Benefits Framework Agreement. The Provincial budget now includes provision for CBAs in all future infrastructure projects. The UWT was awarded a Labour Market Partnership (LMP) by MTCU to develop a model for the job pipelines for the Eglinton LRT. The TCBN Deputation as part of collective efforts in preparing to press for changes to Bill 6 led to the Bill being passed with strong community benefits provisions at its core.

The TCBN incorporated as a non-profit organization on March 17, 2014.