Apprenticeship Candidate Check-In

Before completing this survey, take the time to understand the opportunities within the different grouping of trades.

  • Carpentry Cladding Forming Froofing and shingling General Carpenter Millwork Residential and framing Resilient flooring Scaffolding Trim high-rise and low-rise
  • Labourer Concrete Finishing Hazardous Material Mason/bricklayer Pre-cast erector Pre-cast finisher Sewer and watermain
  • Construciton Craft Worker Red Seal
  • Finishing Trades Drywall finish Glazier (Glass) and metal technician Hazardous material Painter Stucco
  • Drywall Boarding lathing/acousits Plaster/finshing
  • Heat and Frost Insulators Insulation mechanic
  • Sheet Metal Production Roofing Sheet metal and mechanical Siding and decking
  • Ironworker Structural Ironwork Reinforcement Rebar
  • Bolier Maker Boiler maker
  • HVAC Pipefitter Steamfitter
  • Plumber ICI High-rise Low-rise
  • Sprikler Fitter Fire protection
  • Electrician ICI Communications Technologist (NCS) Line Sector Residential High-rise and low-rise
  • Heavy Eqipment Hoisting Engineer Mobile and tower crane operator Concrete Pump Operator Heavy Equpment Operator Sewer and watermain
  • Elevator Constructor Elevator Mechanic

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