CBA for New Transit Projects

Follow-Up to Statement Following Toronto Star Article on Metrolinx

On Friday, the Toronto Community Benefits Network was informed that the Government of Ontario through the Ministry of Infrastructure has reversed its decision to remove diversity hiring requirements on its four new priority transit projects.

We appreciate and recognize the support of the TCBN members and allies who mobilized by sending emails and letters to Metrolinx, the Government of Ontario and local elected representatives to remind them about the importance of equity hiring as part of Toronto’s new transit projects.

Although this decision has been reversed, we have not heard directly from Metrolinx or the Ministry of Infrastructure on the details of the Community Benefits Agreements including the following:

Key Transparency and Accountability mechanisms:



Specifics of the minimum employment equity thresholds/targets to be included in the project contracts


Commitments to social procurement from local small businesses, social enterprises and minority-owned businesses and supply chain diversity


Plans for ongoing engagement with local communities to co-design solutions that address local concerns and environmental impacts


Establishment of a project level Community Benefits Working Group that includes project contractor, relevant ministries, community and labour representation, including TCBN


Development of an agreed-upon tracking, monitoring, and evaluation framework that publicly reports outcomes and disaggregated data of workers for each project

We count on your continued support and diligence to ensure that these commitments are included in all project contracts moving forward and that all transparency and accountability mechanisms are included as part of the Community Benefits Agreement.

Please come out to our Quarterly General Meeting on March 15th at 6pm to learn more about how you can help strengthen community benefits from government investment in infrastructure.

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