Jamie Kirkpatrick

  • answered 2017-05-16 16:37:18 -0400
    Q: Will you also be going on the community benefits bus tour
    A: Yes

  • answered 2016-09-21 12:06:49 -0400
    Q: Which other voice would you have liked to be in the room? Name three.
    A: I don’t really see what the point is of this survey. The questions offer little choice or options for constructive input.

    Event Feedback - Strategic Planning Session, September 17, 2016

    Please take a minute to share your comments about your experience of the event.

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  • answered 2016-09-13 12:20:07 -0400
    Q: If you have been involved with the TCBN for more than one year, please tell us why you stayed involved and what benefits you have seen from your involvement.
    A: I’ve worked with partner organizations of TCBN since joining Blue Green Canada in spring of 2015. Its a cause that is worth advancing and winning

    TCBN Strategic Planning Survey

    This survey is to get your feedback about how the TCBN should move forward to continue supporting the development of a CBA movement in Toronto and beyond, while working to win a historic agreement for the Eglinton-Crosstown. There are 13 questions and should take about 5 minutes. Your feedback will help take the TCBN to the next level. Learn more about our achievements to date. http://www.communitybenefits.ca/accomplishments.

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