LiUNA Local 506

LiUNA Local 506 provides just-in-time and custom training programs. We work together with labour, management, government and community service providers to promote health and safety in the workplace, while meeting the growing training needs of our various industries. Each year we continue to develop specialized skills & safety training through certification, retraining and apprenticeship programs. Local 506 has Training Delivery Agent status in four apprenticeships, and recruits 60 to 70 new apprentices each year. Successful apprentices are all dispatched to work once they have completed their level 1 apprenticeship training.  LiUNA Local 506 Training Centre provides health and safety training to Building UP participants, Toronto Community Housing residents, Hammer Heads and other community groups. LiUNA Local 506 is dedicated to Toronto Community Benefits Network and supporting newly enacted CBA’s throughout the Province of Ontario.