Webinar - Preparing NextGen Apprentices for the Green Economy

With funding from The Atmospheric Fund, The Toronto Community Benefits Network (TCBN) and researchers from the University of Toronto are seeking your help to co-develop a strategy for creating and delivering a learning module that will better prepare Black Youth to participate in the emerging low carbon economy. The proposed strategy will complement TCBN’s project, “Creating Career Opportunities for Black Youth” which encourages successful outcomes for young Black apprentices and professionals seeking a career in the construction industry.

We will be hosting a webinar to share more information about the project. Any question you might have about the project will be answered at that time. Please see attached for more details about the program.

RSVP and the Webinar details will be sent to your email.

The first workshop is slated to occur in February, subject to the availability of participants. We are seeking your help to identify knowledge and skills that should be included in the module that would be most beneficial to your operation and/or add value to your product, while also responding to climate change. 

We are happy to have in-kind support from TCBN Member AMAPCEO to host our webinar!

January 25, 2019 at 12:30pm - 1:30pm

Will you come?