Planning Underway for Community Benefits at Finch West MSF (Maintenance and Storage Facility)

With the 2015 Spring budget announcement by the Minister of Transportation that the Finch West LRT is proceeding into construction in 2016, the Community Action Planning Group (CAPG) is now working with TCBN on planning for community benefits for the MSF to be built in the Jane Finch neighbourhood. The $1.2 Billion project is to be built between 2016 and 2021, running along 11 km of separated at grade track between Humber College and the new Finch West subway station.

Earlier this summer, a public consultation was held by Metrolinx on the draft Environmental Assessment report on the Finch West line.  CAPG put forward a set of design principles into the environmental assessment process that has been supported by Metrolinx. A community workshop on the MSF is being planned by CAPG for this Fall to give more detailed input into the final reference design that will be part of Metrolinx request for proposals for building the line.

CAPG’s concept is to reorient the layout to create development space for including a community arts / culture / jobs/ service facility along Finch; to strengthen the connections past the site and into the residential areas; and to ensure the site is built to green development standards. It is anticipated that the Finch West LRT line will also stimulate urban intensification in the Finch/Weston Road area (part of Emery Village) and around Humber College.