Rosemarie Powell

Rosemarie Powell is a passionate advocate for social, economic and environmental justice. She has led for over 20 years from the grassroots up, managing and developing several innovative and impactful community programs and services to support under-represented group’s access to the labour market. Her community engagement work in Jane Finch earned several awards for leadership and imagination. Rosemarie is currently the Executive Director of the Toronto Community Benefits Network (TCBN). The Toronto Community Benefits Network, is a community/labour coalition of over 120 member organizations which initiated successful Community Benefits Agreements for the Eglinton Crosstown and Finch West LRT transit projects, West Park Healthcare Centre and Woodbine Casino expansion.

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    Referral Consent

    As a member of the Community Benefits Program and or NexGen Builders, I hereby consent to the exchange of my personal information between the organization, union and or employer that I have been referred from and/or are working with, or will be referred to for the purpose of supporting, tracking, and reporting on my participation in the Community Benefits Program which includes the provision of employment and training needs assessments, social supports, skills training, and employment and retention services.

    I also consent to the collection, storage and reporting of information related to my demographic profile, participation in activities and events, employment status, the outcomes of employment interview(s) and subsequent employment related information, if applicable, related to the Community Benefits Program, or other referral I may receive from TCBN.

    I understand information collection may take the form of surveys, personal meetings, phone calls with me or my employer, text messages, and/or training forums.

    I understand that this information will be stored and transferred between electronic data systems with restricted access to Toronto Community Benefits Network staff, and may be used in aggregate form for reporting purposes. My information may also be used by the Community Benefits Program staff to recommend other employment services and make related referrals.

    I understand that this consent remains valid unless I withdraw it. I also understand that I can withdraw my consent at any time by giving notice in writing to any TCBN staff. I have read, or had read to me and understand the purpose of this consent set out above and give it voluntarily.

    By signing this form, I agree that by using the Community Benefits Program I expressly and affirmatively consent to the use and disclosure of the information that I provide, and consent to receive e-mails, phone calls or text messages in relation to the delivery of the Community Benefits Program.

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    Staff Operational Plan Validation


    Please take the time necessary to review TCBN's draft Operational Plan for 2022 to 2027 and provide your feedback in the survey below. 

    See link to the draft Operational PlanNote that activities are highlighted in yellow and located within the first column of the table.

    The purpose of this Five Year Operational Plan is to identify: the key initiatives, programs and services that the Toronto Community Benefits Network (TCBN) will deliver to its members and community to fulfil the vision, mission, mandate, goals and objectives of the 2022-2027 Strategic Plan. The Operational Plan also contains information relating to essential resources, opportunities, challenges, assumptions, risks and benefits realisation for the years ahead. This document should be read in conjunction with the Strategic Plan. It is also beneficial to have an understanding of TCBN’s Planning Framework which is highlighted in the Operational Plan document.

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    Career Track Report

    Career Track in Construction Research Report.

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    Thank you for attending the NexGen Builders Annual Retreat and thanks for completing the survey. See photos of the event on TCBN's FLICKR Account,

    If you wanted to contribute to the Walters Family Fund and haven't yet been able to so so, please complete this next survey.


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    TTC Apply Now

    Exciting News!! TTC is looking for Temporarily 20 Construction workers with great pay starting from $23.14 to $30.19 per hour until the end of November.  

    Interested? Register on Jobs at TTC, see the link below.
    If you need help to review your resume and cover letter, make sure to reach out to us before applying.
    Required skills
    • Previous basic construction experience preferred
    • Ability to comprehend verbal and written instructions as demonstrated by an ability to understand and follow published operating/safety rules and regulations
    • Attend and successfully complete TTC training programs for WHMIS; Subway/Streetcar/SRT Rule Book Certification; safety training, track orientation and other job related programs deemed necessary by management 

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    TTC Recruitment

    We are pleased to see your interest in working for the TTC, a diversity partner of the Toronto Community Benefits Network. Before proceeding to submit your application, please give your permission for TCBN to follow up with TTC on your behalf about your application.

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    Video Strategic Plan


    TCBN has come to the end of its first Five-Year Strategic Plan and is ready to embark on the next phase of its journey! The story of the TCBN points in the direction of more and deeper work being required to ensure that the opportunities and benefits of upcoming economic growth projected for Toronto continue to be shared more equitably.

    We thank our Board, membership and key stakeholders for their leadership and guidance over the past six months in helping to refine our mandate and shape our vision, mission, values, goals and objectives for 2022 to 2027.


    We envision an equitable, thriving city where the full diversity of its residents contributes to and benefits from its growth and development.


    Acknowledging systemic and structural inequities experienced by Black, Indigenous and People of Colour communities within the construction industry, the Toronto Community Benefits Network negotiates and facilitates systems change through the advancement of community benefits in policy and practice.

    Given the massive investment of public and private funds in local construction, and the commitment of three levels of government to incorporate community benefits policies and agreements in these projects, TCBN provides guidance and expertise on best practices to all key stakeholders to ensure that the promise of community benefits agreements for equity deserving communities and for a more sustainable and inclusive local economy is fully realized.


    1. Support historically disadvantaged communities and equity deserving groups to build local power, to articulate and advance their vision for community benefits during the infrastructure planning and development phases, in areas such as workforce development, social procurement and neighbourhood and environmental improvements.
    2. Ensure community voice at the planning, decision making and oversight table, and clear commitments and accountability from all parties to deliver (implement, monitor, track, report and evaluate) the CBA.
    3. Establish and coordinate strategic partnerships with our members and key stakeholders to facilitate equity, diversity and inclusion of Black, Indigenous and Peoples of Colour into the workforce of the construction industry and its supply chain.

    2022 to 2027 Strategic Goals

    1. Community Benefits Campaigns: Champion community residents experiences and leadership in determining goals and objectives for Community Benefits Agreements, during all phases of  development, whether public or private.
    2. Community Benefits Intermediary: Build, operate and maintain an online, data-driven  platform for a city-wide, coordinated community benefits employment pathway that enables construction unions and employers with commitments to community benefits agreements to recruit, onboard, retain, advance and track progress of local and diverse talent.
    3. Community Benefits Standards: Research and build awareness and consensus on best practices and local, provincial, and national standards for Community Benefits Agreements.



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    2022 AGM Votes

    Before voting, please review the following documents. Make sure to answer all questions to submit your votes. If you have no comments, write N/A. Do not leave the space blank.

    Key Documents:

    1. Minutes of the Annual General Meeting June 23, 2021, Download Here
    2. Strategic Plan 2022 to 2027,
    3. Audited Financial Statements,
    4. New Slate of Board of Directors,
    5. View the 2021 Annual Report,
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  • Board Member Recruitment June 23 2022 Deadline

    TCBN is seeking a senior Board member, a community leader with proven track record in leadership, knowledge of sector and community trends, and passion to help round out our Board’s expertise.

    This is in our efforts to advance our objectives for building the platform for community to exercise its power to advance the community benefits movement in major infrastructure investments in the City.

    If you are interested or know someone, download the full Board volunteer job description here.

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    Metrolinx Update

    Update from Metrolinx regarding Community Benefits 

    In a letter we have received from Metrolinx, it has been confirmed that the four new transit projects will include commitments to diverse hiring targets for historically disadvantaged communities and equity seeking groups, including 10% Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour; 10% Women.

    After concerns were raised in March and over the past two months, with your support and advocacy, TCBN’s public campaign has raised awareness. The campaign included petitions to decision makers, media engagement, membership meetings, community meetings, public town halls and meetings with local elected officials about the importance of Community Benefits Agreements as part of the four new transit projects in Toronto.  

    This new information sets a clear direction from Metrolinx as it outlines how contractors will be held accountable through specific requirements in Requests for Proposals (RFP) and agreements. These agreements will include the contractors commitments to fulfill the following: 

    • Apprenticeship and Workforce Development Plans (AWDPs) that include quantified targets to meet agreed upon hiring targets for historically disadvantaged communities and equity seeking groups, including 10% Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour; 10% Women.
    • Enter into an agreement (outside of the project agreement), between the Ministry of Labour, Training, and Skills Development, the Ministry of Transportation, Metrolinx, and the Preferred Proponent, that codifies the targets in contractual commitments that are monitored, mitigated if required, and with transparent data reporting.
    • Planned submissions requiring contractors to implement an anti-racism strategy and method of communication with Metrolinx on all issues arising
    • A working group comprised of Metrolinx, TCBN, Preferred Proponent and other stakeholders to collaborate and share ideas for how to implement these targets.
    • Project Companies will also be encouraged to establish voluntary apprentice hiring targets through the ITA financial incentive.

    Metrolinx has also committed to tracking and monitoring progress against contractor plans and outcomes and will also report on procuring from social enterprises. 

    This is a significant moment for the TCBN community, labour and social enterprise membership who have been advocating to ensure the billions in public dollars for new infrastructure like transit benefit local communities impacted by these projects and specifically equity deserving groups who historically have been underrepresented in the construction and development industry.  

    We look forward to keeping you updated with more information on the Community Benefits Agreements for each of the four new projects and upcoming engagement opportunities on the implementation plan. 

    Currently, we are focused on ensuring these commitments are included in all project RFPs and project agreements, and that subcontractors are also held to these requirements. We will also be seeking to ensure Professional, Administrative and Technical (PAT) career opportunities are included in the Community Benefits Agreements.

    If you would like to learn more about the jobs and opportunities through community benefits agreements click here

    If you have any questions or would like to further discuss this recent news, please contact [email protected] 


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