TCBN has come to the end of its first 5-year Strategic Plan. With hundreds of billions of dollars dedicated to infrastructure and as we rebuild the economy from Covid-19, the story of the TCBN points in the direction of more and deeper work being required to ensure that the opportunities and benefits of upcoming economic growth projected for Toronto are shared more broadly. We invite you to contribute to our strategic planning process and help determine our path forward over the next five years, 2022 to 2027. Attend one of our upcoming strategic planning sessions - see link below, and complete the Strategic Planning Guide & Workbook and return it to [email protected].

  • Strategic Planning Guide

    Download and use the Strategic Plan Guide & Workbook to comment about TCBN's vision, mission and values, the social/political/economic landscape, our governance and operations and growth and sustainability.

  • Strategic Planning Sessions

    We have organized group strategic planning sessions in January and February, facilitated by our Strategic Planning Consultant, Joe Mihevc to provide context and walk us through the Strategic Plan Guide & Workbook.     

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  • Strategic Planning Process

    Over the next six months, we are reaching out to our key stakeholders - TCBN's membership, Board, funders, staff and beneficiaries - to identify successes and plan for the future. Get an overview of our process and timelines.

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  • 2021 Progress Report

    As you respond to the questions in the Strategic Planning Guide & Workbook, refresh your mind about the full scope our our work. See link to our accomplishments in 2021 to help provide some context about our work.

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  • Strategic Plan Recommendations

    Following extensive consultation with our stakeholders, we have developed draft recommendations to present to the Board and Membership for their consideration. Download and review the document here.

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  • Validation Survey

    After reviewing the report back to the community of what we heard during consultations with our stakeholders, please help validate the recommendations by completing the survey below.

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