Response to City of Toronto's Community Benefits Framework


The current City of Toronto proposed Community Benefits Framework needs dramatic improvements. Watch video of Speakers Explaining Why.

Hear from the United Way, Toronto Environmental Alliance, Parkdale People’s Economy, Out of the Box Social Enterprise, Mount Dennis Community Association, Jane Finch Community and Family Centre, Carpenters Local 27 and LiUNA Local 183 & 506.

As a result of all our feedback at the Economic and Community Development Committee meeting at City Hall, the Committee adopted a series of motions that will help ensure that the work continues.


  • Requesting a report directly to council to provide additional information on where community benefits hard targets would apply within the proposed community benefits framework. 

  • Directing the City to report annually on the community benefits targets and achievements on a project by project basis, and to have that information published on the City’s web site and with an open data approach. 

  • Directing the City’s new Community Benefits coordinator to support any community benefits initiatives if they are consistent with the guiding principles of the framework, including private developments where the community and developer are both willing to enter into discussions.  

  • Amending the Framework’s Guiding principles so that the principle dealing with accountability now reads: “Achieve Accountability. The City of Toronto’s community benefits processes will be consistent, transparent, and accountable to stakeholders. Community benefits initiatives will establish hard targets and report on outcomes.”

These motions are a step in the right direction, and City staff will be doing some further work on the policy in advance of Council. The report, along with additional information produced by City staff, will come to Toronto City Council on July 16 and 17 for the full body of Council to consider.