About Apprenticeships

Pathways to Apprenticeship

Traditional Apprenticeship Route (Direct)

A person seeking an apprenticeship is responsible for finding an employer who will sponsor him or her. To become an apprentice, you and your employer must register a Contract of Apprenticeship with the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development (MAESD). In addition, all apprentices must register or renew their Ontario College of Trades membership. Approximately one year after registering with MAESD, the Ministry will send you an Offer of Training to attend the basic level of the in-school component of your apprenticeship.

Pre-Apprenticeship Programs

These programs provide training in a specific trade to help prepare for apprenticeship. They are generally fewer than 52 weeks in length. Pre-Apprenticeship Programs offer academic upgrading for candidates that do not possess their Grade 12 or equivalent, which is the academic entry level in most trades. In addition, it offers introductory theoretical and practical training, Level 1 in-school apprenticeship training in a specific trade as well as a work placement component to gain hands-on experience. Organizations offering these programs often assist with job placement. Hours spent in pre-apprenticeship training can be credited towards the overall apprenticeship training if the individual decides to sign on as an apprentice.

Union or Industry Approved Training

Some unions or trade associations run their own training centres and hold Contracts of Apprenticeship with the apprentice rather than the employer. Intake can be selective and may take place only at certain points in the calendar year. See list of unionized trades training centres affiliated with the TCBN. Download here.

Financial Incentives for New Apprentices

The Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development (MAESD) has developed a guide to help you understand financial incentives available to help you build your career as an apprentice. See List of Financial Incentives here. See direct link to the Ministry's website here.