Directory of Coalition Members and Community Resources

This directory of our active members highlights the work they are undertaking in their own communities to advance the community benefits movement.

As of June 2022 the TCBN has a registered general membership of 121 community and labour organizations and groups and social enterprises.

Interested in becoming a member, complete our Membership Form online or download here. It is FREE to join and there is no "fine print".





TCBN partners with key stakeholders to ensure that communities are benefiting from local infrastructure improvements directly through jobs and economic opportunity.  

TCBN cannot do this work alone. Members contribute their expertise in different ways, including by cross-referring and supporting candidates to access the pipeline for jobs and opportunities, by forming strategic partnerships with TCBN to negotiate community benefits and fill systems gaps and by representing TCBN at key stakeholder tables as delegated by our Board of Directors or Board approved Committees.

Updates on the latest in the network are delivered through Quarterly General Meetings and an Annual General Meeting. We ask that you plan to send a representative to each of these meetings. It is critical that you help shape our policies, and guide our next steps. We are a democratic organization; quorum must be reached for our Annual General Meeting held in June where we elect our Board with your input and consent.

We invite all members to become “active” in the movement. We are happy to support you at every step of your journey on the path to more equitable development in our city.

Download our Foundation Document to find out more about our guiding principles.