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Our Vision and Commitment

We envision an equitable, thriving city where the full diversity of its residents contributes to and benefits from its growth and development.

Acknowledging systemic and structural inequities experienced by Black, Indigenous and People of Colour communities within the construction industry, the Toronto Community Benefits Network negotiates and facilitates systems change through the advancement of community benefits in policy and practice.

Given the massive investment of public and private funds in local construction, and the commitment of three levels of government to incorporate community benefits policies and agreements in these projects, TCBN provides guidance and expertise on best practices to all key stakeholders to ensure that the promise of community benefits agreements for equity deserving communities and for a more sustainable and inclusive local economy is fully realized.

The Toronto Community Benefits Network, as members of Toronto’s communities, commit to working in partnership with key stakeholders on developing Community Benefits Agreements that can advance our vision for an inclusive, accountable and thriving City.

My organization supports the Toronto Community Benefits Network Vision and Commitment as stated above, and requests to be listed as a TCBN member

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Please do not hesitate to contact Rosemarie Powell TCBN Executive Director at [email protected]if you need additional information or clarification.

After you submit the form, the Board of Directors will review your application and present their list of member recommendations at the next General Meeting. New members must be present at the General Meeting to be confirmed.

NB: New members need to have applied 14 days in advance of a General Meeting in order to have voting privileges at that meeting.