Board of Directors

The TCBN Board of Directors is elected from our membership. Meetings are open to participation of members and supporters and decision-making strives for consensus. TCBN is guided by our Bylaws and Strategic Plan. Download our Foundation Document here. TCBN has a registered general membership of 121 community and labour organizations and groups and social enterprises. Is your organization or group not yet a member? Complete our Membership Form online or download it here.


1. Danny Deleary, Aboriginal Apprenticeship Board of Ontario
2. Nigel Barriffe, Good Jobs for All Coalition
3. Kayla Murrell, Black Architects and Interior Designers Association (TCBN Vice-President)
4. Stephen Callender, Afro Canadian Contractors Association (TCBN Secretary/Treasurer)
5. Ana Teresa Portillo, Parkdale People’s Economy
6. Andrea Hazell, Scarborough Business Association


7. Chris Campbell, Carpenters' District Council of Ontario (TCBN President)
8. Bowen Lafave, Sheet Metal Workers' and Roofers' Local 30
9. Jason Ottey, LiUNA Local 183
10. Shawn McLeary, International Brotherhood of Operating Engineers Local 793
11. Dave Griffiths, United Association Local 46
12. Ivan Dwans, International Union of Painters and Allied Trades' (IUPAT) Ontario Council

Social Enterprise:

13. Victor Beausoleil, Social Economy through Social Inclusion

Labour Education Centre:

14. Andria Babbington, Labour Education Centre/Toronto and York Region Labour Council