Board of Directors

The TCBN Board of Directors is elected from our membership. Meetings are open to participation of members and supporters and decision-making strives for consensus. As of June 2018, the TCBN has a registered general membership of 92 organizations. Is your organization or group not yet a member? Complete our Membership Form online or download here.

The Annual General Meeting held on June 20, 2019 elected the following representatives to the Board:

Community: Liben Gebremikael, TAIBU Community Health Centre

Community: Nigel Barriffe, Good Jobs for All Coaliton

Community: Emmay Mah, Toronto Environmental Alliance (TEA)

Community: Sarah Ali, Canadian Integrated Community

Social Enterprise: Victor Beausoleil, Social Economy through Social Inclusion (SETSI)

Labour: Jeff Irons, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 353

Labour: Adam Melnick, The International Association of Heat & Frost Insulators and Allied Workers, Local 95

Labour: Chris Campbell, Carpenters' District Council of Ontario Local 27

Labour: Merissa Preston, Labourers International Local 506

Labour Education: John Cartwright, Labour Education Centre/Toronto and York Region Labour Council (TCBN Co-Chair)

TCBN Executive Director (ex officio): Rosemarie Powell

Planning and development functions of the TCBN happen at the level of Working Groups, which work closely with TCBN staff and report to the General Members through the Board. There are four main functions of the working groups, guided by our Foundation Document:

Workforce Planning:

  • Convening representatives of the building trades, apprenticeship training centres and workforce development groups
  • Conducting a systems analysis to support strategic planning and negotiations on jobs and opportunities for historically disadvantaged communities and equity seeking groups
  • Resourcing the resident engagement process
  • Working through TCBN with Metrolinx, ProjectCo, Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development and Toronto Employment and Social Services to provide opportunities

Social Enterprise:

  • Developing strategies for social procurement through Metrolinx and for building capacity within the sector to enhance potential for successful involvement in tendering processes
  • Working through TCBN to build relationship with Metrolinx and ProjectCo 

Neighbourhood and Environment:

  • Maintain focus on mobility hubs and maintenance and storage facilities priority neighbourhoods that are impacted by construction activities and the pressures for gentrification created by transit infrastructure
  • An exchange for community learning, leadership development and sustainable community planning 

Clear Commitments and Accountability:

  • Develop the TCBN Model of Community Benefits Agreements
  • Working on performance tracking system to support implementing the Community Benefits Framework