Provincial Bill 6 Approved, Infrastructure Legislation Now Includes Community Benefits

Provincial Bill 6 Approved, Infrastructure Legislation Now Includes Community Benefits

The Ontario Infrastructure for Jobs and Prosperity Act (20150 provides the planning framework for delivery of $130 Billion of infrastructure projects across the province over the next 10 years. Passed on June 4th, Community Benefits are included in the principles of the legislation. The next stage will entail negotiating for supportive regulations setting the community benefits agreement model into the provincial framework for inter-ministry program delivery.

The TCBN worked as part of collective efforts in preparing to press for changes to Bill 6.  A cluster of community and union stakeholders was organized by the Atkinson Foundation to organize clear messaging to the Province,  including the Ontario Non Profit Network (ONN), United Way, Atkinson, Metcalf, Maytree, Evergreen, TWIG,   Learning Enrichment Foundation, Social Purchasing Project, Women for Change, Springboard,  Ironworkers and  Hospitality Workers. The ONN acted as a secretariat for the final push.

You can view the new Act here.

Our deputation and those of the other presenters can be found here