Neighbourhoods and Environment Workgroup Encourages Community Responses to Metrolinx

Following the tour by Metrolinx, several responses have been fielded by in the Mount Dennis community to the Request for Interest in repurposing the former Kodak Employees Building. This project is to be part of the joint development of the combined Mount Dennis GO/UPX/LRT/Bus station and MSF (Maintenance and Storage Facility) site for Eglinton Crosstown.

Included in the mix of ideas are a proposal by the Mount Dennis Community Association for establishing a resource centre for sustainable community development, and one by Learning Enrichment Foundation to show how community non-profit organizations can be anchor tenants for space, giving the example of creating a new location for its daycare program.

This workgroup is also monitoring how transit oriented development will be taking place on a series of Metrolinx properties along Eglinton, starting in the west end. Metrolinx has recently advised that they have selected a preferred proponent to co-develop several station sites, but details are not yet public. Consideration is being given by the Neighbourhood and Environment Workgroup to advocacy for affordable housing, locations for services and social enterprise, and local amenities for improving neighbourhoods and the environment.

Also in the works is how the implementation stage of the City’s award-winning Eglinton Connects Planning Study will relate to community benefits.

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