Sherwin Steele

Sherwin Steele is a Sheet Metal journeyman, Sheet Metal and Roofer Local 30, and S.M.A.R.T international member. As a member, he has served on numerous committees within his local union. He is the longest member on the education committee for 21 years, and also held the position of chair of this committee. He sits on the By-Law Committee and is one of the first people of colour fully certified as a steward in his union. As a former Executive Board member, he was also Vice President and the first person of colour to hold an office position in the 121 years of Local 30. Sherwin is also a mentor to apprentices who feel the challenges of being a person of colour in his union. He currently sits, and is the Secretary Treasurer for Hamilton Urban Core Healthcare services. This is all part of his work towards being involved in what concerns all people of colour. Sherwin has been relentless in his pursuit of engaging and helping young people of colour seeing trade as a viable future.