Video Clips

Video clips from Community Benefits Creating Opportunities Summit 2018:

The emerging community benefits Canadian movement has deep roots in Toronto. After 12 years of escalating organizing and expansion to other cities, what have we learned about this strategy for ensuring equity is built into infrastructure and other forms of development? What do we need to do to ensure communities define and receive the benefits that create economic opportunity where they live?

This panel addressed the challenges and opportunities for construction companies and trade unions, in recruiting and retaining diverse and historically underrepresented workers. How to welcome and support women, youth, newcomers, racialized and indigenous people in the trades? How to offer apprenticeships, professional, and technical jobs, in a system that continues to rely on historical practices to fill its ranks? TCBN’s recent research project surveyed those who have an interest and responsibility to diversify the growing construction economy. Our moderator briefly summarizes research findings pertinent to panellists’ discussion.