What is a Low Carbon Economy?


With the Low-Carbon Learning Module, we will be preparing new entrants to the trades with an understanding of
climate change, its growing impact on building practices, and the need to learn new skills and processes that will be required in their sector. The majority of trades are doing “green work” but this is not promoted within the value proposition of these career paths. This is a missed opportunity to attract underrepresented groups, including youth and women, who will be seeking careers that align with their values. Surfacing this important feature of trades work through the curriculum, will encourage future construction workers to track and pursue, or advocate for, new skills and opportunities as they arise. They will become allies with leadership within the sector in planning the way forward as their trades’ skill sets must change in response to climate change and climate action. There are limited formal and informal mechanisms for the sector to track, understand and respond to, and skill-and-career trends and opportunities that climate change adaptation produces.