Jane/Finch Community and Family Centre

About Us

The Jane/Finch Centre is a multi-service, community-based organization with a strong focus on poverty reduction through resident engagement, capacity building and anti-oppression. We have a long history of innovation and response to community needs and priorities. For over 40 years, the organization has been strategically building the health and well-being of Jane and Finch in collaboration with residents, community leaders, community groups, organizations and partners from within the local community and beyond. With a resident-led Board of Directors, the Centre has always been a passionate and strategic organization which has won numerous best practice awards.


Jane/Finch Centre is a community based organization driven by passion, innovation and a strong commitment to social justice, community engagement and collaboration.


Our vision is a healthy Jane Finch community strong, inclusive, socially and politically active through diversity, opportunity and participation.

Strategic Directions

Our Vision will inspire and guide us towards the future that we seek to create with our communities. We have identified three strategic directions to support the resilience of our organization and positive change in the community:

    1. Strengthening the capacity of our community to contribute to systemic social change
    2. Reducing poverty and its effect on physical and mental health in our community, with an emphasis on youth, seniors and families
    3. Enhancing the practices of our organization

All three strategic directions contribute to achieving our vision of a healthy Jane/Finch community. They will enable JFC to continue to build on its strengths and be responsive to the needs and opportunities of our community partners.