CAFCAN Social Services Inc.

CAFCAN Social Services Inc. was founded in 2014 as one of three agencies resulting from the decision to restructure the Jamaican-Canadian Association (JCA) into a membership agency (JCA) and a social service agency (CAFCAN). The JCA was started as a membership organization in 1962 by Jamaican immigrant. Individual volunteers within the JCA began providing social support services in response to the needs of this emerging underserved segment in Toronto. This grew over the years, and a few years later JCA decided to separate the two distinct functions. Thus, CAFCAN was created to provide social services to the Toronto’s Caribbean and Black communities. It is dedicated to building on JCA’s long history of service to the community.

Since the establishment of a board in summer 2014, CAFCAN has developed its own vision, mission and governance structure. Working closely with JCA and the Transition team, the organization is well on the way to consolidating a sound infrastructure. Focus has been on financial accountability, strategic direction, the transition plan. Risk management is ongoing.

We provide free employment services for both Employers and Job Seekers;


  • Pre-screen candidates and resumes for you.
  • Connect you with the right talent for FREE
  • Increase your exposure to a greater number of qualified, skilled people who are ready to work
  • Save your time and resources from costly ineffective hires
  • Provide access to various financial incentives
  • Provide access to Canada – Ontario job Grant
  • Reduce your advertising costs
  • Continue to work with you after the hire

Job Seeker

  • Connection to employers and Job Placement services
  • One-on-One employment counselling and career planning
  • Resume assistance and Job Search workshops
  • Access to Training and Apprenticeship and Trades
  • Access our Employment Resource Centre and it’s Free resources
  • On-site job fairs and employer info. sessions