Community Members

East Scarborough Storefront

The East Scarborough Storefront not only stands with the TCBN to provide access to adequate employment for historically marginalized and equity-seeking groups, but has also demonstrated a commitment to establishing community benefit agreements in order to reduce poverty for Toronto's East Scarborough residents.

DUKE Heights BIA

The DUKE Heights BIA understand the value of community benefits for local businesses. Our members in the area are part of the community and are also impacted by development. Since learning about the Finch LRT, the BIA has done its part to inform and consult with local businesses and surrounding area. DUKE Heights has shown its commitment to Community Benefits by inviting the TCBN to share space and combine resources for our mutual goals.

Community Action Planning Group (CAPG)

With the arrival of the Finch West LRT, the Community Action Planning Group (CAPG) sees a unique opportunity to not only bring transit improvements to Jane & Finch but to contribute to long term community benefits that extends beyond transit to include things such as desperately needed community amenities, an improved streetscape, and improved walkability. Metrolinx has agreed to shrink the footprint of their Finch LRT Maintenance and Storage Facility so that space in our community at the intersection of Jane and Finch can be used for community purposes. 

Broadbent Institute

The Broadbent Institute has not only supported the TCBN through the initial development of the organization and CBA, but continues to support by developing curriculum and training for the network, its members, and leaders 


ACORN is one of the founding members of the TCBN, and continues to mobilize its members to push for Community Benefits Agreements. ACORN has also supported the commitment to CBAs by supporting the drafting of a letter to the Ontario Minister of Infrastructure, Minister Bob Chiarelli, urging the Ontario government to consider including CBAs in the Long-term Infrastructure Plan, thus helping to inform the creation of the wider community benefits framework contemplated in Budget 2017.

ACCESS Community Capital Fund

ACCESS Community Capital Fund has recently received a grant from the Ontario Trillium Foundation to develop and implement a collaborative project with TCBN and Building Up. The focus of the project is to provide professional development, low-interest loans of up to $5,000 for individuals eligible for the community benefits apprenticeship program, and provide pathways to good jobs.