The DUKE Heights BIA has initiated an Employment Hub that focuses on the demand side of the employment equation and works on the needs of the businesses in the area to open up training and employment opportunities that will assist our membership. Working with industry sectors, we are developing industry solutions for businesses in the area that will provide a new level of support for employers and employees, giving the area a competitive advantage in the region. Aiding businesses to gain and learn more inclusive and sustainable management practices, as well as providing wrap around services to employers and employees will help to create new and better employment opportunities, while benefiting our membership.

How it works

Employment Hub

The DUKE Heights Employment Hub is a place where, someone, who is unemployed or underemployed, or needs training, or someone who has a business, or is starting a business, can get assistance in terms of information and resources. DUKE Heights serves as a catalyst for actions among specific groups based on their unique needs and demands.

  • Business start-ups
    To provide start up services, including incubation and business acceleration services to business start-ups with a focus on priority clusters.
  • Small Businesses
    To provide training supports and other resources to small businesses in the DUKE Heights BIA to foster their growth.
  • Employed
    To promote business growth by supporting employee skill development and business growth planning; supports that are centred on increasing efficiencies, human resource development and career laddering.
  • Existing Businesses
    To develop industry cluster strategies that help to foster business growth in targeted areas for the DUKE Heights BIA.
  • Under employed
    To provide training and career support opportunities to existing employees of the DUKE Heights BIA that widen career paths for employees.
  • Jobless
    To provide access to training and employment opportunities to unemployed people in the surrounding community of the DUKE Heights BIA.

Our Employment Hub is more than a referral service, we are formulating hiring pathways to in-demand jobs while reducing the risks faced by businesses in the BIA.

To find out how your business can benefit from the DUKE Heights Employment Hub, contact Manjari Thakur, Sector Management Coordinator, at [email protected].


For more information please visit at :(416) 739-1621 or [email protected]