Direct Your Life Canada

We provide a support system to help recently released offenders or at risk youth find jobs, go to school and housing support through a variety of coaching programs.  DYL is the only support group for offenders in the Greater Toronto Area region.  Our program was founded based on individuals with lived experience navigating back into society. 

NextGen Builders

In partnership with The Toronto Community Benefits Network we support the match of black youth (mentees) with mentors who are experienced construction trades professionals.


The program assists street involved youth, age 16-29, through mentorship activities to specifically address; mental health counselling, community work service, fines and restitution, life skills training, anger management.

Community Build

In association with our partner Crosslinks Transit, we are preparing under represented populations for jobs in the construction industry. 

Sports Leadership Development

Our Sports Leadership Development Program is structured to nurture and develop sports-specific and athletic skills in relation to the growth and development of our youth.