Filipino Workers Network

The aim of the Filipino Workers Network is to engage Filipino workers on labour issues such as workers’ rights, good jobs, and relevant labour issues. It provides a safe venue for Filipinos to discuss labour matters.

Thousands of Filipinos leave the Philippines daily to go to countries like Canada because of worsening the economic and political situation in the Philippines. Canada is now home to us and we share in Canada’s concern that we are losing good jobs, losing public utilities due to privatization and losing our rights and freedoms as a people. We are deeply concerned about poverty and injustices happening around us, about issues that affect the working families and the community. We fear for the uncertain future of our families, our children and our children’s children. As Filipino Workers Network, we join in making a better Canada, a Canada that cares about its people. A Canada that protects the rights of workers and upholds the rights and freedoms of its people. We demand Respect, Justice and Dignity.


Together we will work to:

  • support each other in our union work
  • give focus to the Filipino workers’ specific issues
  • encourage and engage our union members to get involved in their unions
  • improve Filipino workers’ participation and involvement in the labour movement.
  • bring a  positive message about unions to the community; and,
  • promote our Filipino issues in the labour movement.

The network is supported by Labour Council staff, but led by activists and union leaders from our community.

It is time for us to rise, stand up and be counted.

Contact us by e-mail to [email protected]  or call 416 445-5819 x 23