The Good Jobs for All Coalition

The Good Jobs for All Coalition is an alliance of community, labour, social justice, youth and environmental organizations in the Toronto region. It was formed in 2008 to start a focused dialogue on how to improve living and working conditions in Canada’s largest urban center.


Good Jobs for All

Decent work is central to our fulfillment and well-being. Decent work provides people with a livelihood, an identity and a sense of real belonging to the community. We must ensure there are good jobs for everyone, today and for the next generation. We reject policies which undermine and erode decent work.

With this Declaration, We Call on People from all Walks of Life:

  1. To demand an economy with good jobs for all.
  2. To build social solidarity in our communities, our workplaces, our organizations and public institutions.
  3. To insist on public policies from all orders of government that support the goals of a just, equitable and inclusive society.
  4. To require all with power in our society to exercise that power for the common good.
  5. To ensure that economic activities are sustainable, enabling future generations to meet their needs while living in harmony with our planet and with each other.