Who are they? Provincially: Elected Members of Provincial Parliament (MPPs), including cabinet ministers, who enable their policy makers to establish new procedures to integrate community based recruitment with building trades training centres and the workforce development system. Lead staff at key provincial ministries: MTCU (Ministry of Training Colleges and Universities), MEDEI (Ministry of Economic Development Employment and Infrastructure) and Infrastructure Ontario, MTO (Ministry of Transportation) and Metrolinx. Municipally (City of Toronto): Toronto Social Development and Finance has lead in developing the City’s Social Procurement and Poverty Reduction strategies; and TESS (Employment and Social Services), City Planning, Economic Development, and potentially TTC will be involved in delivery decision-making. Politically, the office of the Mayor, City Executive members with key committee responsibilities, and ward Councillors can affect program development and project decision-making.

Role that they play:  Set policy, deliver associated government programs.