Join our Coalition - Become a Member

Is your community or labour group or organization located near a major infrastructure or urban development project? Does your group or organization serve members of a historically disadvantaged community or equity-seeking group? If so, we invite yo to join our growing coalition. TCBN's membership structure comprises community and labour organizations and groups, including social enterprises and grassroots groups. Your group does not have to be incorporated. If you are not representing an organization, but wish to get involved and/or find or post jobs through community benefits, CLICK HERE.

Reasons to Join

  • Connect your community into training pathways leading to careers in the construction trades
  • Take action on barriers faced by internationally trained workers and groups seeking employment equity
  • Create business markets for social enterprise through supporting social procurement and sector capacity development
  • Leverage transit and urban development projects for community benefits in your community
  • Help build a more inclusive economy and a more sustainable city

Please complete and sign by an authorized representative our ONLINE MEMBERSHIP FORM, or DOWNLOAD FORM. Your application will be submitted and approved by our Board of Directors at its next scheduled meeting. Please see up to date DIRECTORY of our members.