What People Are Saying

Colette Murphy, Executive Director, Atkinson Foundation

Unlike old-style backroom deal-making and shallow public consultations, residents are meaningfully engaged in the process of creating a Community Benefits Agreement. This approach earns community support for development projects, diffuses opposition, and builds the reserves of trust, skill and resolve needed to tackle other complex issues.  Read more

Mayor Olivia Chow, City of Toronto

Community Benefits Agreements are a way to bring good local jobs and training as part of construction projects like building, repairing or upgrading infrastructure, facilities and housing in Toronto. As Mayor, I support CBAs to build more economic inclusion for Toronto residents and make sure that the City leverages its purchasing and... Read more

Armine Yalnizyan, Senior Economist, Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives

There are people coming together in a brand new way in Toronto through the Toronto Community Benefits Network… (using) the development process to create opportunities and long term benefits for low income individuals and communities…There is 130 Billion dollars of infrastructure coming through the province in the next 10 years,... Read more